How to get away from traffic tickets – New Google feature
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How to get away from traffic tickets – New Google feature

When you get a traffic ticket for speeding, it’s not at all pleasing. Not only you have to pay a big bill but it also affects your driving record, which in turn increases your car insurance rates. Most common traffic ticket across the USA is speeding ticket. Why pay such tickets when you can easily avoid it. There are many ways you can avoid it, the biggest tool to avoid is released by none other than Mr. G – Google. It’s a gift in 2019 for traffic offenders who like to beat speeding tickets in court. Now you don’t need to fight it in court, you can simply avoid it by installing the speeding camera and speed limit feature on your google maps. See the video for details :

At the start of the year in January 2019, Google has now released its so-called Speed trap feature and speed limit feature in navigation mode, which Google has been testing for a while since past years. With this feature, you can get a speed limit on your google map while driving in navigation mode in some locations for now. Also, very soon you will also see speed trap or speed camera while you are in navigation mode, which will show the icon of a camera which indicates speeding camera installed on that route/area. This is based on the user inputs like you who can also report to google if you spot a speeding camera on particular route/street and help the community; along with it, you can also report crash or accidents which cause the traffic slowdown. If you see this your maps your location is enabled else wait until it is available nationwide. Now that you have speed limits handy all the time, you can make a habit to turn on the google navigation feature and also set cruise control to avoid Speeding ticket all the time. Safety for yourself and others should be your prime goal while on road.
Drive Safe and be Happy !!

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