Updates on 5g, IOT and more by Hiren Dharani

Welcome to My Blog

When one journey stops other begins, Life is Journey. Through this personal blog I want to share my learning’s : Technology & spiritual journey (Ongoing) /  knowledge with others.

Keep learning and Keep sharing Knowledge(Sharing is caring)

“To exemplify is defined as to be the perfect example of something or to give an example to illustrate a point. To illustrate by examples, to narrate  by (good) example”

Spiritual Inspiration

Spiritual journey : Inspirational, Motivational stuffs and Learning’s through Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta gurus and saints , Also with due respect to Holy Quran, Holy Bible and Holy Guru Granth Sahib. All of them teach almost same things through different languages.

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Self researched and prepared tech clips and presentations on 5G(Upcoming), 4G( LTE, VoLTE), 3G (CDMA, UMTS) ; information and content inclusive of mobility aspects  not just limited to Telecom, But lot more. All due to credit to 3GPP[ETSI]

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Mix Bag

Miscellaneous topics : A mix bag of entertainment, information, hot topics, and vlogs  whenever I get chance, stay tuned

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Coming up

Stay tuned, More to come in new section. Something new to come soon here !! Keep watching, Thanks

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